Music Saved My Life

I like all kinds of music.When I at home,I can listern to it for hours.The Beatles,Michael Jackson,Beyonce,and many others are my favorites.This past Friday,I bought Madonna greatest hits cd.I played my favorite songs.I like her.She does what she want and she doesn't care if you like her or not.The death of Whtney Houston still weights heavy on me.I miss her so much.Music heals my soul.When I play it.I don't think of nothing else.I wish I could get a job in music.I want to be a deejay at a club or radio station.That would be fun,getting pay to play music all day.Wouldn't be a boring job either.
tammy40 tammy40
1 Response May 7, 2012

I can listen to music all the time too ,heals the soul and gives me a good feeling.<br />
A job at a sports arena that bands commonly play in would be fun maybe just part time.Where I live there are a few places that rock bands always play shows.Becoming a band manager would be an awesome job too I think.Thank you for sharing this made me think of some music.