This Is A Asong I Wrote Called:lies

i dont know what you find funny
how many times i said i love you
and you said i love you too
i asked you what you problem is
what did i ever do
you said i was a lie
i dont know what it is
whatever happend to me and you
idont need excuses
just tell me the truth
cause you dont know what you did to me
and how many times i cried
i cant handle these lies (x3)
these lies you've said to me
i know you just a faker
you dont deserve me
i know your just a liar
and i cant handle these lies
how can you sit there
with all the guilt you hold
i figured what we had
wasnt anymore
cause you heart turned cold
you said i was a lie
roxy130 roxy130
13-15, F
1 Response Nov 25, 2012

is this the one u sang to me?



ya :)