The Beginning Of A Legend

This is the first song I ever wrote so be nice. It is hip hop. I need someone to recommend things i should try to make the song better. I wont change the language though. The lines are numbered because they were being cut off. No hating please.:)
Right now im studying the styles of Eminem (old and new), Snoop Dogg, rbx, Yelawolf, ect.

The Beginning of a Legend

Verse 1:

1. The beginning of a legend and that legend is me
2. I know I may sound like thee
3. Next wannabe
4. Who steals rhymes and
5. Blows through them like the sand
6. In the Sandmans hourglass
7. Shattered the glass whooped his ***
8. Told him to take an hour long nap
9. Heard a snap
11. That must've been your foot kid
12. Didnt see it when dropped the anvil I did
13. What the **** you tellin' on me for
14. Wasn't me it was Billy ma'am
15. Sorry ma'am didn't see you were a man
16. What the **** you mean my ******' language should have been banned
17. This reminds me of the


1. The beginning of a legend and the legend is me
2. You call me the next wannabe
3. and you'll see the inside of the
4. ****** shell you call a skull
5. You've been warned now

Verse 2:

1. Ah, another annoying ******* and another award airing and another asserting ***
2. Paparazzi named Peter Piper whose pickin' pickled peppers perfect for every
3. Person who ****** off rappers most
4. Shoved the pepper up his ***
5. Cut the sax from the brass
6. Took it hing Piper on the sea needle
7. Told him throw a needle at the sea
8. Brought him down ordered him to see
9. why you don't **** off the best
10. Kicked a Brittany Spears off the rocket while I was spaced out
11. Let her oxygen run to none
12. Bring her in th time remaining next to one
13. Asked her if she felt out of this world
14. She said she felt like it was the

Chorus x2
InfinityGamer99 InfinityGamer99
22-25, M
Nov 29, 2012