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2012's Top 10

So here we are, winding down a busy 2012. And for the past several years, I've finished out the year with a wrap-up that I like to call the best-of-the-best in music; my favorite of all the records that have been released in the past twelve months...woo-hoo, right?!
So like, in the past, I've done a top 20, but since my EP crew is new to this, i thought it'd be best to break awesomeness up into two seperate TOP 10 lists; good idea, right? Now, some of my friends on here already know that I like music that isn't necessarily radio smash hit stuff, but read throught the list and maybe view some of the links I'm posting and I think you'll understand why these songs rate so highly for me.
And feel free to respond with comments, in agreement or dis-, I'm a big boy lol
So here we go!

10. Lover of the Light from Mumford and Sons- now this one made the top 10 at kinda the last minute, but I was just struck by the sheer vastness of the lyrics(and awesome video) the very first time I heard it; kudos to the guys for this great track!

9. Queen of California from John Mayer- it's a shame that a vocal cord condition kept John from touring for his tremendous album Born and Raised, but this song is what music should be in my opinion

8. I Can Lift a Car from Walk the Moon(Alt Wonderkids!)- seriously, who knew lyrics about lifting automobiles could be so kick ***!

7.Little Black Submarines from The Black Keys- rock and roll with some serious soul, that's what these guys bring to the table; off of a great record, El Camino, this record was kind of a scene-stealer!

6. Beekeeper's Daughter from All American Rejects- my favorite band as a teen and even now, their latest offering, Kids in the Street, I think was shamefully underrated, and this first single off of it is power pop rock in full!

=.Hello Cold World from Paramore- sure Paramore lost two-fifths of the band to inter group squabbles, but this song shows me that they still know how to make great music; especially meaningful seeings as I had a kind of tough 22 on a personal level

5. Breathing Underwater from Metric- whoever said Canadians were anything but awesome obviously haven't heard this killer tune...tremendous!

4.Everybody Talks from Neon Trees- Before this song, and this year, I still wasn't completely sure what to make of Neon Trees; now, for this year at least, I know they kicked some serious ***, especially with this one!

=. one last tie pairs dem Neon Trees with a slick tune from a slick dude; Andy Grammer's Fine By Me is a different kind of love song, given all the YUCK! that's passing itself off as romance in our music today!

3. Payphone from Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa- now many of my EP friends may know already that I despise all things rap, so this one may come as a bit of a surprise...hell it kinda surprises me lol but I love Maroon 5, and let's face it, reminiscing on a day when we actually used paypones is well worth a little Wiz to me!

2. 93 Million Miles from Jason Mraz- alrightly, my top two favorite songs of 2012; it should come as no surprise to find Jason Mraz on the charts, seeings as I'm just frickin' obsessed with the guy's music. This one actually spent much of the year as my top dog...

1. Shiver Shiver from Walk the Moon!- My numero UNO! My top dog muthaf***a! The unseater of King Mraz! And rightfully won too; Walk the Moon has gotten me more excited about a band than I've been since one whole year ago with Young the Giant( hurry back by the way guys!) this song is everything I love about rock music: a beat that gets you moving even before you realize you're moving, and an easy-breezy play music for the eff of it and because it just knocks us out doing it attitude. And so much heart put into three minutes! Congratulations guys, you've eared it!

So there you have it, my ten favorite songs of the year; now these tracks may not have blown down Billboar's doors or blown out their windows, but to me all of them are awesome and exactly what music needs far more of in today's age of autotune and Justin Beiber( Gid forbid!)
So tell me what you think of my list and the videos posted; all comments are welcome, and here's to hopefully another winning year musically in 2013!
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ok...shiver shiver by walk the moon was so worth the 3 minutes. Thank you.

It's awesome ain't it?!

yes i'm rockin utube right now with them :)

have you tried Fixin and I Can Lift a Car yet?

Great list...and I agree with most of them! A have a soft spot for a few not on your list, but overall well done :)

oh yeah? Please do share!:)

Well Gaslight Anthem- 45 and the Lumineers- Hey Ho repeatedly get stuck on repeat in my head. But newer song holding onto you by 21 pilots may crack my list :)

ya know, Hey Ho is a pretty fun song and i actually toyed with including it at first...

Exactly, very singalongable (is that a word?). I'd you haven't heard 21 Pilots, very cool 2 piece band, check'm out. :)

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Sorry but I think this is far from true. What about all the drumm and bass tunes??



I see why they are your favorites...I particularly like Walk the Moon the best of the bunch!

Yes indeed! I'm so knocked out I discovered those guys; now that's music!

Interesting choices

are you familiar with any of them?:)

A couple :)

My mobile device too much traffic it boms out
different generations, different strokes
however, youre excitement about your top ten does make me feel that i should go and listen to these songs Im missing out big time, well done your message is in your excitement you cant but want to go and listen to the songs 10 out of 10

lol thanks a lot!

I have to be honest and say i don't know many of these songs lol, and wheres the rock ?! you can't finish of the doomsday year without some heavy duty drums, sweaty guitars and greasy hairlines !

LOL! Hey man it's there Black Keys AAR, some Metric, Paramore; gotta admit though, I'm not much into heavy metal:)

I need to introduce you to some real rock mate, the sort of stuff that makes the ears cry lol, try this one - Alice Cooper Black Juju

I'm on it!

just listened to it; interesting; epic riffs i gotta say:)

meaty tunes

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