I Really Love Music And Singing - Those Were The Days My Friend:

I started out as a small child singing in the back seat of my parents car going for a ride out in the country.

That was our amusement back then. No cell phones,ipods,vidio gadgets to play with. If anything we had our little ear plug with a am,fm radio to listen to.

I loved and still do listen to the oldies of the 1950's and the era of 1960's-1970's my favorite era. I believe to this day the music and artist of the day out rank anyone today on the market of the music industry. The songs had themes to them and we could relate to what they were singing about.

The song[ those were the days my friend we thought they never end we sing and dance] so the song went on is so true.

May those songs long live on in our hearts. Haunted5 

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

When I was a child, we had sing'alongs at the movies... Everyone in the theatre would sing the lyrics that would show on the screen....Music was part of the educational curriculum in all the schools I ever attended....starting with kindergarten. In those days a kindergarten teacher HAD to be able to play the piano. We would sing at school --every day--in grammar school--by High School, you could take music or not--but every child had been taught and encouraged to read music and to sing. For all kinds of festivals--May Day--Christmas---I can't remember them all---but dancing and music was part of these celebrations...what a strange dismal change it was when musicians became STARS.<br />
When I was young, musicians played for people to DANCE! not sit and watch the people on stage.