My Life.


Music, my life.. I couldn’t describe it in any other way.. I do not play any instrument but for some strange reason guys with guitars kill me.. I love them.. But I think that what I like the most is the magic that comes from it.. The freedom a guitar can give you.. You can express a million thing with a single note and make  people feel, feel things they never felt before. Music is amazing.. is out of this world.  I love to get away listening to music.. To just let my mind fly for a while listening to others art. The lyrics  how they touch your heart.. If a good rhythm can make me shiver just imagine what the lyrics do.. Music gives me me strength .. I can’t imagine the world without music.. How would it be?

princessMIAlove2 princessMIAlove2
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

i feel exactely the same, i can't live whithout music, it makes me feel happpy, everytime i listen to music, i imagine myself on stage with a guitar and a microphone and it's just great<br />
guitarists are also very impressive; it really amazed me when i watched the dvd of monterrey festival with jimi hendrix, that's totally wild!!