Records = Love

I have been collecting records since I was 15 and have acquired a collection of hundreds. No particular genre and not all of them are music, but they all make me very happy. I appreciate the popping and cracking sounds and I don't mind flipping them over or adjusting their speed
I love a rainy day, me and my record player sitting in the middle of the living room playing one song at a time, or maybe 2 or 3, then changing to another record.
I don't have to listen loud, I just like to listen.

I can clean to Elton John's: Madman across the water
I can get ready to go out listening to Funkadelic or Sly and the Family Stone
I can relax to: Curtis Mayfield's: Superfly
I can dance to: Michael Jackson or Jamiroquai
I can be me with: Rage Against the Machine or Weezer
I can play along with Isaac Stern: Braham's violin concertos (LOL! I'm dreaming)
I can sleep to: the sounds of the Humpback whale
I can have fun to: TSOL, the Minutemen or the Sex Pistols.
I can be moody with: Fiona Apple or Dinah Washington
I can listen with my kids to Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello
I can be inspired listening to Martin Luther King jr or George Harrison
Anytime is the right time for The Beatles
and I can love to the Rolling Stones

Whatever and whoever: vinyl records are not easy to store and mostly they suck to move, but they will always be with me.
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Strictly !! between you and me Rob, I always clean to Macho man by the village people