They Rock My Heart

I can just sit here for hours listening to sad songs about life.

Even when I was younger, I could feel the words and till this day I still do.

In fact I'm on utube now listening to a few heartbreaking songs. lol

51-55, M
4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

But Ms Pix, it is also very educating. we can learn from other peoples miscues and misunderstandings. <br />
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well me i think i do. but you have to love the music to be abel to let it come into your heart.<br />
<br />
not all things in life are a happy ending. i know you know that. but i guess what i'm trying to say is that we need to mix in some bad with some fo the good so that we amy better understand other peoples misfortunes. <br />
you know how i babble. :)

It makes me sad to hear sad music too...that's why I don't listen to it :-)

it's not that I feel sad, I just like to listen to the things in life that have happened to other people and the whys and how they dealt with them. <br />
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and yes it does make me sad, i'm very compassionate in a sort of way.

LOL!! You're a nut! Why would you want to feel sad?