I find listening to the ocean as the waves rush in to be very peaceful I love walking the beach in the summer. I will often stop, sit and watch the endless and rhythmic waves I find it extremely peaceful and soul soothing.
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you I do exactly the same way

I grew up by the sea, on a hill at Whale Beach. Went to sleep at night listening to the roars waves crashing and sucking against the rock cliffs. Now. in the country, its the sound of the wind in the leaves, and the cocophany of birds in the hour predawn, or around sunset. The lowing of cows and bulls, the periodic sounds or chainsaws and tractors, foxes, dingoes and dogs, and my own horses' thundering hooves or "where are you" winnies. These sounds bring me peace, fill my heart with a feeling of beauty.

The sounds we hear I think are all important to our peace of mind.

i think thats the best way to reminisce and relax and find so much peace in everything and then look for the sunset and feel the breeze i guess when i become old as i plan to retire and become a farmer one day i shall always love the birds chirping,the trees,the wind blowing,the oceans and all the simplicity of life and away from the city,i guess it will give you more peace....

@Shelle I agree. The sounds can "rock" you off to sleep gently and keep you there.<br />
@Quercus I live only 15mins from the Pacific ocean so I can enjoy the peace and solitude easily.