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Sound Check

Coffee grinding.  Children playing.  Cheers at a sporting event.  The sounds of a race track.   The ocean hitting the shore.  A screen door slamming.  Water trickling down a rock wall.  A canoe paddle breaking through the water.  Hearing "I love you"  Soft wind blowing through the pines.  The rhythmic clog of a horse's shoes on a road.  A baby cooing.  Church bells.  Bag Pipes played well.  Any musical instrument played well.  Music in general.  Thunder.  Rain falling.  The sizzle of steaks on the grill.  Pulling the top off a cold one.  The crunch of gravel under a tire.  Wind chimes tinkling in a gentle breeze.  A good sneeze.   The chatter of fast moving fingers on a keyboard.  The music from the ice cream truck.  An old truck grinding through the gears.  The sound of a ball connecting with a bat.  Bare feet on pavement.  The crinkle of a newspaper.  Birds chirping.  Laughter.  Applause.  Sounds of passion.  The crackling and popping of a warm fire.  Chimes on a grandfather clock.  Sounds of a happy home.  The squeak of walking in fresh snow.  The pop of champagne bottle.  Ice swirling in a glass.  The sound of a kiss.  The distant sound of a lawn being mowed.  The rattle and hum of an old tractor being started.  The chimes signalling intermission is over.  The music from a Merry-Go-Round.  Dancing on a floor that has been sprinkled with dance salt.  Drums.  The Blue Angel's Jets soaring in the sky.  The sound of a busy city street corner.  The hum of a windmill.  Fog horns in the distance.  The beating of a humming birds wings.  A squeaky door, swing, wheel, elbow.  A bike with cards in the spokes.  A good yawn.  A mother's voice quietly singing a lullaby.  A church choir.  Keys being made.  A sharp knife cutting veggies.  Coins in a pocket.  A stones plunked into water.  Whispers in the dark.  The sound of silence.  To name a few... 

Adding one more, The sound of running bare foot and crowds cheering.

The alarm going off unexpectedly at 12:58 in the middle of the night and a great song is playing on the radio.

Freestanding Freestanding 51-55, F 60 Responses Jun 18, 2008

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Thank you for your blessings ladee and your kind words. Each day that passes, I know more and more just how fortunate I am.

Before children that is how I spent my Thanksgiving. I am a fairly decent cook and would use that skill to assist in preparing a full turkey dinner, free to all who came. The kitchen is still there, still feeding the hungry. Now I give food and volunteer a few hours a week at our locate food pantry.<br />
Happy Thanksgiving to you Doll and all who past this post. Thanks for reminding all of us the true spirit of the season.

The squeek of the oven door being opened.<br />
The clanky squeel of the rack being slid out.<br />
The ding of the bread pan being placed in the center.<br />
Another clanky squeel of rack being returned to position.<br />
The Vwooomp of the oven door closing with a waft of warm air rising.

"snap, clip, snip" and plop to the ground...I hear it ladee.<br />
<br />
Juan---ti's the season of the soup. The damp aroma and low rumbled heat of a slow boiling pot of a well seasoned stock. The ting of the wooden spoon hitting the side of gleaming silver stock pot. The scrape of the bone across the bottom of the pot.

deep throaty giggles; the clank of a lid being lifted off a soup pan; the dink of the antler being tapped out.

Frosty wind through a snow coated pine, like a low, soft, purring growl...

Ladee you're amazing!!

The "phvit phvit" of kids walking in snow pants

A grand sound Juan!

The squeek of boots treading through the first snow of the season.

Is he the mascot?

Right now -- the sound of a barking dog demanding attention. I'm getting used to ignoring it.

Crazy! The mysteries of the universe. Camp Juan is also educational. What a well rounded camp.

Exactly! It is like the chicken / egg thing.

Doesn't it take a Camp Juan to have the need for a bugler? One wouldn't exist outside of the other.

Without the bugler, it just wouldn't be Camp Juan.

Sounds as though the Bugler has a very important roll in the moral of Camp Juan.

Yes! Another sound! The sound of the bugler that heralds and inspires the raising of the flag. Camp Juan has a very honored individual that sounds the bugle.

Do you have camp members that help with this task? Or is this a strickly Camper Juan job?

Here's one from camp:<br />
The squeaky rhythmic sound of the flag being run up the pole. Something about that makes morning grand.

Since the topic has moved to phones, the anticipation of a special call and hearing the ring!

Here's another one: the surprise of a cell phone ringing at near dawn. Anyone calling that early has to have something good to say.

Due the early summer floods we still have a no wake rule on our little lake. Very nice.

Another sound of the season -- the distant hum of a large powerboat out cruising the lake. It surprises me how far that carries onto land, but it is comforting in a way.

I have yet to notice them in our parts. Around here, a sure sign that the blush is off August is the chug and rattle of an elevator taking bails up to the hay mount.

Here's a new one:<br />
The "zit-zit .... zit-zit ... zit-zit-zit" of tree frogs. If the calendar isn't already a reminder, the chirping of tree frogs signals we are in the latter portion of this wonderous season.

That I'll eat, just not the other. Pack in a basket, I'll meet ya at the dunes.

Escargot? Sea skate almondine? Mussels in white wine with some crusty bread?

I'll watch and drink the sangria, while you eat bugs.

I'd do it. If Cafe Babareeba were servin' em up with a crispy batter and a cool pitcher of sangria, I'd order a plate and a side of cool creamy curry potato salad.