February 9th 2009 Sounds

The tinkling of melting crushed ice in a cocktail glass; the whirr of the fan in the pc; fat freakish February rain drops tapping away at the skylights above me; the oh too audible clicking of the keys on the board before me; the weather channel announcing its weather on the 8's from a bedroom down the hall; the occasional whine of runt little kittie as she wraps herself round the corner of the kitchen doorway; raindrops increasing in speed and urgency; some pharmaceutical ad following weather on the eights; more tinkling of ice in the glass followed by a slurrrrrrrrrrrp.


juan1966 juan1966
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Cool! Thanks!

Great story! I'm finding a lot of great experiences on your profile. Better get yourself ready for attack of the comments :)