10 Things I Will Do Before I Die

1: Rob a bank.
- Look out, World Bank. Here I come. :>

2: Perform a wild crazy Adam Lambert-esque song live.
- And have it in me to sing. Haha.

3: Own an pet chameleon.
- They aren't endangered. Yet. So they're still legal, I think.

4: Shop 'til I drop.
- As in, 'til I drop. Literally. I wanna see how far shopping would take me.

5: Go to Africa.
- African culture is very awesome. I'm not after adoption or religious conversion.

6: Witness an Aurora Australis in Antarctica.
- Yes. You've all heard of the Northern Lights, but whatever happened to the Southern Lights?

7: Pull the fire alarm in my High School, after I have graduated, during classes.
- I'm such an a$$hole. Teehee.

8: Jump from building to building like some wanted criminal in the movies.
- Wouldn't we all want to?

9: Get insanely drunk.
- Woooo.

10: Build a house with lots of glass panels and a massive bronze/copper X in the front.
- When I get rich, I will build this. F/ck you, zoning laws.

DrunkTextTherapist DrunkTextTherapist
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I actually want to do more. But the Experience only restricts me to 10. :)) I also wanna play a song on a burning piano, set a building on fire, fire a gun, and a lot of other things. :))<br />
<br />
Really? Hmmmmm. Maybe someday I'll find one. :)) Haha.

I love lists like this XXD<br />
I have a bucket list that is currently 111 things long. My boyfriend/bestfriend both make fun of me for it.<br />
<br />
And I'm pretty sure that owning a chameleon is legal. My neighbor had one for a while, and she seemed like the law-abiding type. lol.