10 Reasons To Know Before I Add You.

1. I’m not here for Sexual stuff. I repeat, NO Sexual stuff.
2. No interaction = Delete!
3. No name calling like babe, cutie or any of those stuff you would call your bf/gf.
4. If your profile has nothing in it, I won’t add you in my circle.
5. Don’t bombard me with messages that are non-sense like “hey what’s up?”
6. I am not looking for a relationship. I am just here to blog, ask, and answer questions
7. If my bulletin is FULL of your updates that I can’t even see my other friends updates anymore, I am deleting you.
8. Your profile is full of girls half naked, not adding you pervo!
9. No, I Don’t like girls at all. I’m Str8ght.
10. Do not add me if your profile is full of SEXUAL. STUFF. I’m just gonna block you.
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2 Responses Apr 10, 2012

READ and NOT added. :) Thanks

I totally agree. This 40 year old man kept on writing perverted messages on my whiteboard. U never kno what kind of ppl will try to add u! Ppl really need to b more careful on who they add

You need and eleventh one! What you want to yak about!