Ten I Like Yous

List formulated from the diffrent aspects I love from friends.
List doesn't concetrate mainly to one person, but pieces of thoughts
which I cherish from friends I connect with, both the ladies and men.

1. I like you because you are have this aura of a strong person, with conviction and wit.
2. I like you whenever you explain things to me, whenever I go sensitive. I know you care .
3. I like you because you accept people as they are. Regardless of race and views in life.
4. I like it when we chat you teach me when I'm wrong and tell me if I am right. I love how strong you are.
5. I like you when you treat me NOT as a "closet" friend. You have confidence and trust in people.
6. I like your honesty. Your way you carry out yourself through to your own stories and to others.
6. I like you because you don't make fun of people. . .  just to have their attentions.
7. I like you because you hate arrogance in men. Also hateful words you avoid them.
8. I like the way you think about sex. I like your wild fantasies. But you're not into taboo.
9. I like you because you try to know me through my stories. And make an effort to interact.
10. I like you. Sometimes you're snob, but sweet after all.
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

What all do I have out of these 10s

Ha ha I don't get it^^ But if you'd say you have all ten, well maybe you're right. teehee^^

I am asking you , how many of these qualities I have out of these 10

Very nice list.

Sure they are. And I'm sure you know you share some to the list.^^

Lady Ryan that is very kind of you to include me in that list. Thank you.

Sounds like you have some good friends! A little bit of everything!

Thank you, and you know you possess some of those bits of everything.

hmmmm wonder which ones? ;)

Aaah ofcourse you share lots to that list. I best like #1,3&5 the most about you.

Thanks! That's very nice of you.

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