Top Ten Things You Can Say To A Girl (part 2)

  1. (As you're holding her) "Please, just stay a little longer."
  2. (As you're holding her) "I could hold you all day."
  3. "I'll love you forever."
  4. "You know I want you more than anyone in this whole town."
  5. "You'll be too tired to yawn when I'm done" (Before you throw her on your bed.
  6. "You have the softest lips."
  7. "You are my wingless angel."
  8. "Its ok.  I'm nervous too."
  9. "I get so excited when I hear your voice."
  10. "Shut up and kiss me."
rorschach246 rorschach246
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5 Responses Dec 12, 2009

Lol. Ummm......about the remote....

And what never happens, "Here, you hold the remote."

You forgot "Its Payday" or "Lets go shopping" they love to hear that LOL


Awww..<br />
<br />
Not so much the 'I'll love you forever' but yeah, it's nice to hear, I guess :)