Favourite Vocalists

1) Frank Black (aka Black Francis)

2) Kurt Cobain

3) Elliott Smith

4) Thom Yorke

5) Ella Fitzgerald

6) David Bowie

7) Bon Scott

8) Freddie Mercury

9) Robert Smith

10) Sting

ImpossibleSludge ImpossibleSludge
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4 Responses Dec 12, 2009

Me and a friend are discussing how awesome he is at the moment actually XD<br />
He's like the god of misery. Although somehow, listening to The Cure always makes me happy XD

robert smith is very cool ;)

I NEARLY put Billy Corgan on there. But I felt compelled to put Sting instead XD<br />
Billy Corgan's deffo one of my favourites anyhow.

how bout Billy Corgan?? i see u got Kurt Cobain