My Life Can Be Counted On Lists!

If one thing is undeniably true about me is that I have a list where my brain should be. I enjoy making lists. I have done this for so long that now I can actually do them in my head.
I cannot remember how it started, may be as a shy teenager with a wondering mind , daydreaming all the time, I started writing down everything I had to learn for school, then I graduated into making lists for everything . I have a list of my new goals, lists for things I need to remember to do for the year , lists for people I should get back to, lists of things I heard about and want to do research on, lists for errands, shopping, books, achievements, finances, music....oh endless list. :)
I have lists on my pc, my phone, my diary, but I love the ones with a pen on paper

Because of my list obsession I have expanded my knowledge field, I learn faster and I control my temper. Plus I am always the one everybody counts on, to never forget things.
Lists get my life in order. Even if life is impossible to control , if I have lists, then I feel I have it together. I don't know if I am overdoing it. I probably am actually but I like it.
0Dani 0Dani
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1 Response Apr 20, 2012

Thanks for your nice comment,I don't see it as a gift though , more like years of training. :) start making a couple of notes here and there yourself and you will boost your memory too.