Iron Bell

A knocking awakens within me, stirring. In the quiet of the night, the dark leans silently- enscrolling- the midnight grove in cryptic descriptions of past horrors and joys. In the epicenter of this perfect circular grove is where two streams clash into a pool. The waters stain so dark that together they rupture a small fissure that within me causes pain to my sanguinuity, which seems too cruel!
The dark mahogany trees dance in the gusting wind yet silent still. A peculiar science this silence seems to be. This pool I am drawn to, this pool I seem to have fallen to. I look into the deepest recesses of this perfect undistured Stygian abborhation of water. It's surface, ink-like, reflects iron bells.
"Hear the bells as sledges strike," I say silently. The pure silence which my voice had not broken permeates in my mind, causing horror to uprise!- the bells ring in their enormity- yet no utterance of sound resounds!- echos 'cross the void! The gusts turn violent, as if some dark being were dreaming a terrible terror,...or if it were the machination of a darkened demon that was dreaming and causing derelict to be my mind's strength.
The tolling of the iron bells vibrate the Earth, the grove resonates in frequency, yet never utters a sound. Black and white silence! Black and white silence!
"Speak!!-remove me!" I holler at the top of my lungs. Never an utterance of sound resounds! I fall to my knees and writhe upon the floor like an exposed maggot, in deaf agony.
The bells, they echo, they vibrate with the intensity capable of only a God! The trees, they shake, they resonate! Silence it brings! Silence, it sings! Silence knows what my capabilities ring!- ring with the bells- ring with bells. Black and white bells, a black and white Hell.
An iron cathedral, gothic, they bring to me. Black and white monks and black and white sounds till my heart forever cracks and black and white blood pours. The sobs and screams as I tear out my hair, silent, bleak, black and white silence to forever echo in my Hell. Iron bell, o iron bell.
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Dec 8, 2012