I Wake Up Every Moring...for Literature

I'm not even kidding. Every morning, I wake up because of literature, because of stories, because of poetry, novels, anecdotes, etc. Of course I also get up for people, for my spiritual beliefs, for myself -- but literature is one of my best, best friends.

As a kid, I hated to read. My parents taught me Polish before they taught me English, and I went to school only knowing a few English words. Juggling the two languages was difficult for me and many times I would give up on reading and stick to something unrelated to language, like math. I loved math because it was full of puzzles, and I didn't have to sound out words, or worry about the "direct object" in sentences. (Direct object? How boring!!)

My first years of high school changed everything. There were some pretty good books I read in middle school, but none made me love literature the way I do now. In high school, I had teachers who would bleed for literature. Bleed! They transformed my class time into a recess, or a stage. They were performers who made me forget about the other difficult, pimple-ridden, competitive, demanding world.

To this day, once I get my hands on a good book, I disappear into it. My mind enters another reality. I am one with the words and they excite me, every part of me. I love love love it!


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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I am the same, I love getting so absorbed in a good book that I look up and realize that I have nearly missed my stop on the train, or I have missed rubbish television because I've been reading instead. I have been sucked into books from childhood as well and I am glad I haven't lost my passion for it.<br />
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Effervescence, what sorts of things do you like to read?

I'm jealous. <br />
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It's a little depressing actually :/ I can't get into fiction anymore it seems. I read the words, but I don't enter another reality.<br />
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I'll stick with the optimistic explanation for it though and chalk it up to poor reading material :-) Let's talk books! My imagination craves good suggestions... it's lonely being caught up in it's own daydreams without ever disappearing into the dreamworlds of others.<br />
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And it could really use a vacation from self-creation.