Appreciated Or Unappreciated Glances

I was sitting at a table enjoying my first happy hour in a long time, drinking a beer, and having a burger.  Another gentleman approached and asked if he could join me.  I said of course.  Turns out he was an Iraq vet which I thanked him for.  He really appreciated that.  He kept checking messages as they came in on his cell phone, and then proceeded to tell me that his girlfriend was on the way from San Diego.  He started to describe to me how the two of them got together, and what their relationship was currently like.  Strangely, his story was closely paralleling my past, and my story of my wife and I.  I showed him a picture of my wife, and he was astonished how much my wife looked like his girlfriend.  A short while later, his girlfriend arrived.  Her vision is not the best, and she thought I was her boyfriend when she walked in started to wave frantically at me, until she realized that her boyfriend was sitting across from me.  She was wearing a very sexy black dress and looked fabulous.

We talked for quite a while about their relationship, and about my relationship with my wife, all the while, enjoying the free beer at the happy hour.  As things started to wrap up, they asked me to join them and some friends at the local Irish Pub.  I hesitated, but told them I may come by.  We parted ways for a bit as I had some errands to run.  A short while later, I showed up at the bar, ordered a beer, and then went over to where they were sitting.  By now, his girlfriend was treating me like she's known me for years.  She loved sports and fishing, and enjoyed playing with her two children.  She voiced (quietly) her concern that she would never want to relocate to another state to be with her boyfriend.  All the while, he was getting more and more drunk.  The more he drank, the more he started talking volgur and making crude sexual inuendos towards his girlfriend.  Now, I understand some girls like that behavior, and find it flattering, but this girl started to act like the cat in the Pepe Le Pew cartoons.  Her boyfriend started picking her up, and slinging her over his shoulder.  Because she didn't voice any indication of disdain, I allowed it to continue.  You could tell that she was getting a little concerned that the tight tiny black dress was riding up too high.   Once their other friends left, we stayed and had another round of drinks.  Because they had both been drinking extensively, we all walked back to the hotel.  The girl was saying how cold it was, and how she couldn't wait to get back to the hotel.  I was trying not to get too close as, one, I'm happily married, and two, I didn't want the former soldier to feel like I was moving in on his girlfriend.  But instead of coming up close and putting his arm around her to provide some security and warmth, he walked behind and made comments about her ***.

Yes, the dress looked fantastic on her body, and she certainly knew how to wear it, but was it necessary for him to carry on like he did?  I felt embarrased for her.  When we arrived at the hotel, she kept calling out to me, telling me she would meet me at breakfast, and how much she enjoyed the evening talking.  That night, all I could think about was what an incompatible pair they were, and how great that little black dress looked on her.
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It is hard to know what to do. Some women do like it, even if it is being treated as a piece of meat. Some women are embarrassed by it but think it is all they deserve. I am glad you were a gentleman. I am also glad you got to enjoy a bit of a show, even if it wasn't her first choice, and since you were a gentleman, she may like knowing you got a bit of pleasure even while her b/f was being a beast.

I don't like men who mistreat women. I would have wanted to smack him. Yet I would also want him to think, so I might have taken him aside and said something, even at the risk of having my nose bloodied, but then, I am the father of a daughter.

LMAO That guy sounds just like my x. And you're right it is rather offensive to be treated like a freaking piece of meat like that. Yes women like to be appreciated but not slobbered all over. Huge difference between the two.