Just How Am I Supposed To Answer??

Today, after I returned from shopping with my son for a Christmas gift for his mom (my wife), we entered the house to find only my step daughter home. She had been out shopping all day.  My wife was still out having lunch with her friends.  I was checking email down in the computer room, when my step-daughter called down to me... "Jaggy... how do you like my new dress... it just came today?"  When I looked up the stairs, there she stood in her new little black dress, with long sleeves, but several horizontal slits running all the way from the shoulders, down to her wrists.  The dress was very short.  Let me also say that my step daughter is well endowed.  Now, what was I supposed to answer?? She looked like a million bucks, very sexy.  Not how I would want my daughter to go out on a date.  I told her she looked fantastic but in a fatherly sort of way.  Don't want her to think I'm creepy... lol.

What should I have said?  I just hope the guys that see her in that dress will not disrespect her. 
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

lol - the boys that see her in the dress will have far too many other things on their mind..

I think the other boys might be intimidated by her a bit. Not sure why we don't have more of them knocking at our door. But it better that way! lol

Well,I hope you eventually told her she looked very nice..... like a million bucks. (Even if that seemed to sexy to say to your daughter.) She needs to hear it.

I try to keep it subtle so she doesn't think I'm icky. I tell my wife what I think of her daughter. eg... I told her that she does her makeup remarkably well for such a young girl, and some of the skirts are a little too short, etc.

Okay, that's cool... I don't think it's wrong to give a sincere answer, surely your wife knows she's cute...