I went and met my cousins well if you wanna get technical then they are my second step cousins so not blood related of any sorts but they're still cute. I got to met them for the first time. My cousin Alex's husband is in the military so they travel a lot and have been in Japan since Remi their first daughter was born.
Anyways we met up at my nanas house and since I love little kids I was chasing Remi around the house and back yard and at one point we were even playing with Barbies and some giant tiger head thing (it was a stuffed animal toy). So while Remi was with my sisters playing I had her little sister Eliza she is soo adorable. Eliza hasn't gotten many of her teeth yet so she only eats soft food and there was some chocolate pie with whipped cream on it (I was being a fatty and had a piece :/) while I was eating it she was sitting on my lap and started whining so I got some of the whipped cream on my finger and she like chopped down on my finger (hurt more than you'd think a baby with only maybe seven teeth could hurt you) but after a few times she stopped biting so hard and ended up with it all over her face.

I really wish I could see Alex Remi and Eliza more often rather than once every three years :(
AngelWithASecret2 AngelWithASecret2
16-17, F
Aug 16, 2014