Sometimes, i think i must be a five year old on the inside.

So my little cousin Andrew had a Lego themed birthday this past weekend and of course, there was a lego building competition.

We were given a bag of 20 legos and we had to use all of them to make something.

Anyways, i made my creation and i was so proud of it. I used a white block and gave it a face, and made a boat. My white piece was "Captian Phillup" and his boat wasthe platinum phoenix. My 7 year old cousin judged them and we all got to through him a sales pith and tell him a story about it....

accept my stories didnt stop there.

after the competition, i wasnt sitting inside on the couch watching tv like all of the cousins my age.

no i was outside with 7,8,9,10 year olds telling them about Captain Phillups amazing boat that could go i air, water space, time, his all-terrain jet pack shoes that could turn into anything.

it ended up that while my fellow teenage cousins sat on the couch being "bleh" i was, no joke, having a blast taking the other lego creations with all the little children and making a universe for captain phillup. It wasnt just because i enjoy pleasing the little kids, which i did. i was actually stoked about contributing to the stories and making the legos and all that jazz.

So i love little kids. I think i connect with little kids better than any other kind of person socially. They are just awesome and i remember when i was a little kid, i wanted a big kid to understand me and that i wasnt some little kid that wanted to be doted on. i wanted one that could come down to my level and play.

and i hope i became that big kid :3
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Cool. I was like that.