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Nothing Too Small

I think the little things are the reason I love life so much.

The sun to keep us warm on cold days

The stars that give me something to wish upon, 

And my HEART that I can share with all who I love and keep safe.                                                                

GILEY GILEY 56-60, T 3 Responses Oct 18, 2009

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You sound like a poet and a romantic.

Every time I read a story of yours, no matter how often I've read it before, I'm blown away by your writing and how clearly your heart comes through the words. Keep writing, keep feeding my soul.

I think that the little things is part of what makes life worth while.Sunsets,rainbows,rain,a child laughing,<br />
seeing a hummingbird,leaves changing color in the fall,snow,ect.All of the things that I once took for granted...I now cherish.