I Have Always Loved The Little Things In Life

I look forward to the little things in life. I like the sunrise and the sunset, watching the clouds roll through the blue, sky, feeling the warm, sun on my face, the smell of cofee, and toast on a cold morning. I like the stars and moon at night. A smile from a stranger, a meal cooked by someone else for me to enjoy, blankets, fires, and hot, chai tea, on a cold night. The arms of a man wrapped tightly around me. Candles, incense. I guess I could go on and on. I like the little things.  

llgmaryland llgmaryland
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6 Responses Jan 7, 2010

Sounds good to me. Life's little joys add specialness to each day. :~)

Yeah I actually meant to say that I love the night sky too. I forgot. maybe I will add that. Thanks lena :)

Thanks to everyone's comments :)

i have a li....uhm never mind

I sooo agree...the "little" things add so much joy! :)

They are great things to like.