Heck Ya!

I love this woman very much. She tells it like it is and is never too busy if I need her. I really respect LMN and I hope to continue my friendship with her for many years to come. She is awesome so if you have not taken a moment to know her I would recommend her highly. She gets 5 "fun's ups" on the Fungirl 5 Point Scale. 
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cool. i love pedis.

With feet like that she can't be too bad. <br />
If you ever need a pedi....I love to do that stuff for my woman.

She has beautiful feet but she is picky about who she lets into her inner circle. Be nice to her.

I don't know her yet, but I do know I love her feet if those are hers in the pic. They are so delectable

Oh she is awesome.

I like LMN alot too,Shes a great friend to have.


Everyone loves lmn. now where did you go?

LMBO! I love you and you know it. I just like giving you a hard time when I can L.<br />
<br />
Oh believe me SF you will like her. She is funny but you don't want to **** her off because she is a lot like me in that respect.

*sighs* ahh.. the joys of getting seriously pissed and venting it here :)

Fungirl- I haven't gotten burned my m2bf yet and if that is not playing with matches, well, I don't know what is! He would love for me to rub two sticks together and get things hot!!!<br />
M2bf- she is very much like you? Oh no, there is more than one of you? I always thought that you were one of a kind!!!

LOL - You will like her READ THIS FIRST story. She's very much like me.

LMBO! are you sure that is Quaker oats in your boots and not crap. I bet she scared the crap out of you M2BF.<br />
<br />
LMBO Smiling! She is pretty hot., Don't look too close or you might get burnt! LOL :)

She scared you off???? I will run straight to her profile. I have to check this out now! Bye!

I loved her "Read This First" ... but she scared me off! :) Quite a woman to cause me to quake in my boots.

You are welcome!!!! That avatar is hot btw!<br />
<br />
Hi there 1710N! Thanks for playing with us.

Thank you honey!