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I remember my first live concert, it was back in 93-94. My friend had come over and told me get ready, we were going out....it was my birthday and as a surprise she had gotten us tickets to go to see Depeche Mode. I couldn't believe it, we were going to see them in concert, my first time ever!

Driving there I could feel the excitement growing...like a rushing feeling. When we finally got there...the feel of the stadium, everyone's energy...so many people, omg, I would have never believed it if I hadn't been there. The vib that was in the air was amazing...so intoxicating. You could see everyone just walking around with such excitement, going around, looking for the seating areas. You walk into the main arena...and it is huge...almost full now and soon, all the seats will be completely filled...

We get to our seats and are just in awe... look at the stage, wow, it is going to be an awesome show...they have gone all out! The lights start flickering and you can hear the instruments tuning up...the lights dim and the stage lights up.... WOW! the only word that comes to mind. Amazing the way the crowd just explodes...and we are off.

The lights, music...everyone sooo into it, participating, singing...I think we spent most of the time out of our seats...standing, dancing the whole stadium rocking.
Policy of Truth
World in My Eyes
Walking in My Shoes
Behind the Wheel
Enjoy The Silence
People Are People
Are just some of the songs they played...but when they played, Personal Jesus

Till this day I have never been witness to such in incredible site. The arena is totally dark...the band starts playing Personal Jesus...Dave Gahan sounds amazing...the song plays on but when they get to the part in the song "Reach out and touch faith " ...the arena lights flash on for a moment...every one...every single person standing with their hands up in the air...reaching up towards the ceiling...the way they carried the audience. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I will carry those feelings for the rest of my life.
Thank you G, you took me to my first concert and were there through most of the fun drives and sooo adventures...oh those concerts!
Miss you!!!

InnerBeauti InnerBeauti
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I think i saw the same tour because I saw Depeche Mode either in 92 or 93 so probably the same tour.I enjoyed the show,experienced exactly what you describe.I just love concerts in general and have seen so many.I still get the same vib from every show I go to.
I think I will be going to shows till I can't get out of my house anymore ha ha ha.
Great story, thank you Innerbeauti for sharing.I wish your avatar wasn't blurred!

Thank you...mmm...would love to go to so many more...I know exactly how you feel. It's so very exciting you can hardly stay in one place, very intoxicating. The feel of the music filling you up, so completely...amazing sensations!
And love your avatar, the puppy...she is just too cute, give her a big kiss for me!