At Long Last

I moved out when I was 16, with my boyfriend at the time.  When we broke up when I was 19, it was the first time that I had actually lived ALONE alone.  I think that i was to young then to really appreciate.  Since 19 I have always had roommate, and now, at 26 I finally have a place to call my own.  My ex of three and ahalf years moved out at the beginning of April, and though I can be lonley at times, I really do like have my own space, that I can keep as I like.  I do not have to worry about him messing it up, or not putting things back where I liek them to be.  I can have people over that I would not have had around while with him, and I can stay up late or make as much noise as I want when I wake up in the morning.  For once in my life I feel truley independant, and now, living like this, I am not sure I ever really want to live with anyone else again.  There is something to be said about us "hermits" ;)
Chauna Chauna
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I still love living alone. Being able to get by on SS I have just enough income to feel comfortable with my existence. Being a senior [I would never wish to be any younger, once was enough] I feel with lifes experiences, that this is as good as it gets, and i definitely love the solitary life. I've been alone almost my entire life, and i've manage to ignore others who try to make me feel guilty.<br />
My BEST friend is my IMAGINATION, That is all the companionship I need. I know I can count on myself, and come and go as I please, make as much noise when I want, be messy or clean and to full fill my days with reading, creating graphics on my mac's, and I don't need or want to be part of facebook or twitter. <br />
There are so many other things to discover on the wwww [wonderful world wide web] that a good portion of my early moring hours is occupied with perusing the web. I've tried relationships, so I can compare being with someone and living alone, I'll take the later anytime. Life is great and solitude is extremely comforting.

Ha! Just an update... Almost 3 years later and I am STILL living alone! And still loving it! Bella, you are so correct. It would take one increadible man indeed! I feel exactly like you, but I know once I find that perfect catch, i'll want to make a few sacrifices ;)

I was living with my ex for 5 years, and now I live alone in a new apartment for 6 months now ... just finished furnishing my apartment. At first it was hard to feel comfortable in my new place -- but now, especially because I put up my X-Mas tree -- it feels so hommy. I still battle some lonely moments, but all in all I love my new place.

It is a truly incredible feeling...I understand what you mean about not wanting to live with someone again! That's what I always say, too! I'm going to have to find a man so incredible who adds so much to my life that I'll feel obligated to make sacrifices to keep him in my life. I'll probably be alone I can't imagine anyomre that wonderful exists. Anyone else feel this way?

After two years and a half living with my boyfriend, before him I lived with two friends, like you I had never lived alone before. I'm finally living alone, and I feel as pleased as you do, I'm 25 and living by mysef is wonderful.