Adapting Myself In a New World

I'm a male, aged 46 from Malaysia. I've been married for past 18 years. Truly, it wasn't a good marriage since earlier. Misunderstandings, arguments and unhappiness occurred frequently. But, in the middle of that, we had 3 nice kids. There were no sincere relationship between us. Finally, last year in March, a very serious argument happened and that's it. We broke off and she took all my kids with her and moved far away from me. Since then, I've been living alone and I prefer not call them back again. Already hurt too much. And the worst thing, hatred became more and more as she influenced my kids by not letting them to call or talk to me.

Finally, i just ignored all of them and now I feel better living all alone by myself in a very peaceful and calm situation. But I need good friends who could understand and be with me at this moments. Thanks and please do guide and place your opinions. I'm a teacher in a school and I badly need support from all of you.

Take care and keep in touch.


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1 Response Jul 30, 2009

Make peace with your family -- specifically your children. Especially for the relationship of you and your children. Yes the marriage was not healthy from what you said, but these are your children. You do not want to miss anymore of their lives...nor do you want them to know the heartache of the type of marriage you had. Please talk with them, they (your children) are the only real footprint you will leave behind once you're gone. You want to know them and even possibly their children and you want them to know that no matter what happened with you and your wife, it was not their fault. And they need to know that you love them and inspite of what your ex-wife says you will fight for the relationship of your children. They need to know.