Worth The Trip

"Which is more dangerous: fanaticism or atheism? Fanaticism is certainly a thousand times more deadly; for atheism inspires no bloody passion whereas fanaticism does; atheism is opposed to crime and fanaticism causes crimes to be committed."

"What can we say to a man who tells you that he would rather obey God than men, and that therefore he is sure to go to heaven for butchering you? Even the law is impotent against these attacks of rage; it is like reading a court decree to a raving maniac. These fellows are certain that the holy spirit with which they are filled is above the law, that their enthusiasm is the only law that they must obey."

Voltaire, 1764

The moment you introduce a despotism in the world of thought, you succeed in making hypocrites -- and you get in such a position that you never know what your neighbor thinks.

 Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899)

I love it when people are able to see their mutual humanity. Face to face. Human to human. This type of exchange is possible when they are free from the fear of tyranny. 

EarthlingWise EarthlingWise
Sep 21, 2012