Love Living Nude

How many people love living in the nude!! I do!! I have found that living nude and making a life for myself living nude is wonderful. I come home from work and then my clothes come off or what clothes are left on when I walk in the door. Sometimes, depending upon the time of day, there may be no clothes on when I do come in the house.

I love walking around the house nude, doing house chores, sitting in the chair nude and sitting on the porch nude catching some rays. If my neighbors see me, i will wave. They do not bother with me. It is my form of relaxation and living.

I have heard of people who think that living nude is rude or unnatural. Well for me and many others it is natural. It is my home!!

For instance, how many of you have had a bad experience with living nude? I was home the other day sitting in the char reading and the mail man came up to the door. I happened to have a blanket near by and went up to the door with the blanket around me. Unfortunately, for me or the mailman, the blanket fell. Oh boy - the mailman was embarrassed but I was not!! It is who I am!!

Don't be ashamed of your need to be live nude, just be careful! Live one year, one month, one week, one day, one minute and one second at a time. Live nude and enjoy it!!! You only have one life!!
hummingbird24 hummingbird24
Aug 24, 2012