This picture was taken a while back at my college. It was for a calendar fundraising event for the water polo team. As you can see for yourself there are some good looking guys with good looking bare feet in this picture. The one sitting on the ground with light blue swim wear was a good classmate of mine. Will loved playing water polo and keeping his body in shape (as you can see). He also loved going to the beach to keep up his tan. One thing, I liked about him was his bare feet. He hardly ever wore shoes, but kept his feet in good condition when he wore flops or went barefoot.
One time, we had to attend a formal banquet dressed to the tee. We sat down at a side table away from the presentation. Immediately, Will slipped off his black dress shoes, peeled off his dress socks and splayed his toes. I knew he was relaxed as he sighed, curling his toes on the carpet. I decided to relieve my feet of the cramped dress shoes and suffocating socks. Unknown to both of us, the presentation included awards. You guessed it, we both got called to accept an award on stage. Will was called first and he just walked barefoot up to get his trophy. The MC joked about him being barefoot, but everyone else knew that Will and bare feet go together. I was able to slip one shoe on my foot before being called up, but kicked it off and walked up barefoot like Will.
Other locker room stories later...
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Aug 27, 2014