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My First And Only Pair Of Stilettos, 5-inch Locking Ones!

I had had no thought or desire to wear high heels until about two years ago. It all started when I came across some pairs of high heels with a locking ankle strap and real padlocks on them on the Internet. I found it quite an appealing concept, imagining a girl locking some high heels on me and thus "forcing" me to wear them for as long as she pleased. I found this thought very sexy, to be stuck with such uncomfortable but stylish shoes on my feet. The style that caught my eye was this one

It's a pair of 5 inch high heeled black patent pumps that have an ankle strap. The ankle strap is secured with a chain and padlock and prevents the wearer from removing the shoe unless it's undone by unlocking it. I became so excited with this so I placed an order on these sexy babies since they were available my size. I simply love stiletto heels and the fact that these particular ones feature a locking design made this pair a must-have for me. The fact that I actually cannot take off the stilettos without the key makes it ten times more exciting since I'm into bondage and forced feminization as well. Here are some photos of me, rocking them!

lockedheels lockedheels 31-35, M 9 Responses Nov 23, 2012

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i love my locking heels

Love your heels ! Gorgeous legs too !

Love those locking really rock them.

I wish my wife would lock them on me and make me do the housework while she got busy in our bed with her boyfriend. Or maybe have an electric shocking butt plug locked in me and have me walk on a treadmill and around the house and when she heard my clicking stop, she would shock me! How about being locked for a week ( during vacation )!

I think anyone, man or woman, wanting to wear heels should have to have them locked on with the keys left at home.

Defintely! I see some girls "cheating", changing from their ballerina shoes to very high heel stilettos to go to a nightclub and then when it's time to go home, they walk just a few meters away from the nightclub and they change back to their flat shoes! This has got to stop. If you want to wear skyhigh heels, wear them making sure that you will keep wearing them all night, whether you want it or not.

Absolutely superb heels They make your gorgeous legs go on forever X very very sexy

those are some great pic and u look sexy in them

great pics and lovely images

Fabulous sweetie