It's An Amazing City!

I came to London the 1st time in October of 2009. The week I was there the weather was wonderful, it was sunny, warm and I had a blast running around the city with my camera. From the 1st day in London I realized that it is totally my city, and I've been to many cities around the world.
I felt so comfortable, London is really amazing! It was love at first site :)
I loved it so much that I came back in couple of months for the New Year holidays. And loved it even more :) And it's not just the great shopping I had there :)
And I'm going there again this year for the NY holidays once again :))
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

really??! interesting

well, i've been there quite a few times after that, and to be honest i did change my mind a bit. the UK is having serious problem with immigration and it really shows. not gonna go into anymore details.
otherwise its a nice city to visit. i still feel very comfortable there.