London Is My Town...

I live in London for half a year and it is really my town! Great place to live, love to eat out, dance and walk in the parks. Soho is really the place to be for me... but I also don't mind the be taken out for dinner in f.i. the OXO tower.
linda linda
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3 Responses Nov 7, 2006

I was born there & the OXO tower & southbank is a great place to visit

Of course there are many wonderful sights & history from the monument to the beautiful museums in & around London. Its a vibrant place, full of life with many different people from around the world. I now live outside London but I love to visit regularly & I have been to many beautiful cities around the world but London is still the best.

i just moved to london like a month or so ago and i just love it!!! whenver i finish work early i go for a walk through st paul's, millenium bridge southbank cost to big ben and then to buckingham palace i always do that, i just love go through green park and see couples lying there together or groups of friends just hanging out. but very best thing about london is its people, it's truly a multicultural city. i work with people from 5 different countries and it's just 7 of us. so many things to learn, so many cultures to know, it's the best place in the world.

When did you live in london? I've been looking forward to taking a week or two to go. What was your favorite spot?