I Miss London

Well...what can I say...I ve spend 3 years in London..and I miss that city so much...sometimes I feel it in my bones...

I miss the people, the underground even the Oister...and all the mess in that place...

It is hate and love...but sometimes I find myself crying all the good times I had ...

what can I do..????I have to stay in my country because I m taking medications here...and be in London will become too complicate...

I have a lot of great moment to forget...I need time.

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5 Responses Mar 29, 2007

I had forgotten about the Oyster card and the trouble I used to have while I was on vacation there. I remember fumbling in my bag searching desperately for the card and thinking that I have lost it. Back at home we don't have underground :( I miss hearing the 'mind the gap...'

I have not been to London in eight years. I feel withdrawal. Although, I must admit that the pub is London's greatest institution. I've drunk in the pub across the Strand from the Royal Court and ended up in great discussions about the differences between US and English court procedure (as a US equivalent of a barrister, that interests me greatly). I was in a pub near the Tower once when I was (a) the only American and (b) the only person who had not served in Her Majesty's Forces. I must say that good ale does a lot to salve Anglo-American differences.

Amazing place to live. So much fun and fantastic experiences. Love love love it!

I miss it too...7 years in London.. Squatting last 2 years was the craziest most fun experience..But also very draining..I try come back but it seems my soul dont really want me to.. now back in Sweden i feel a bit more grounded though i think.. well i guess i need a big break at least.. Maybe you wont be on medications forever and can go back, at least for a holiday.. Love vegana

Hello there,<br />
I understand how are you feeling. I lived 4 years in London and I came back to my home country. I loved every second of my life in London. I do miss London, but I adapted to life back at home.<br />
You have to move on with your life now and treasure those memories. you are lucky you had those 3 years, many people dream to go there and never do.<br />
Good night.