I Lived In London For 6 Months...

Wow! This experience brings back memories; I am now 31 (about to be 32) and when I was a sophomore in college I went to London (supposed to be as an exchange student), where I was supposed to go to classes through Florida State University, but I refused to live in the dorms and got an apartment with my then BFF from Sweden (I also lived there for a year and a half, my Dad researches Cancer and worked there for a year) and I got an apartment in Camden (where all of the cool people and musicians lived)...WOW! This time of my life was GREAT, I dropped out of school because I was too busy having fun and traveling around, seeing bands and hanging with friends (I had met quite a few band members of English bands while working at a radio station before I went)... Wow! All I did was to have fun, I did see much of England, and London is the most hip, cool, fun, interesting town...I saw so many cool things and met so many cool people. I love how there is so much history in Europe, and how the people (at least in London and Sweden) seem to be much more accepting and respectful of people who are different than themselves, unlike the typical American who can tend to be judgemental. I would love to live there again, but I had to come home and finish school, get a more productive environment going...partying with rock stars (sometimes a figure of speech) and barely eating, not going to school, etc.... is really not a way to have a healthy, productive future. But MAN, did I have FUN! I will never forget the things I did or the people I met there, and I hope to take my family back someday not too far away (my son is only 2, so not quite ready to appreciate it YET), but I can honestly say that I love London! Now, I am a normal, boring American who has a whole new and more worldly perspective, thanks in large part to the culture and people for London. It is nice to own a home and have a car, not be broke, but still those were some FUN times! I Love London!
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What a great memory! I am considering doing an exchange program myself...will have to keep the partying to a minimum!