Its a Great Place to Live and Play...

I studied abroad during college and lived there for six months, well actually just west of there in Buckinghamshire, it was fun and I absolutely loved it.
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I'm from Liverpool but lived in London for 8 years in the 1980s and had a great time<br />
I now live on the South Coast right by the sea - lovely! I couldn't live back in London I don't think<br />
I go up to London as often as I can either shopping or for a picinic in the summer or just for a meal or simply a few beers with friends<br />
People down here think I'm a bit mad nipping up to London just to spend the day with friends but seems a shame to live near probably the greatest capital in the world and not make use of it<br />
Mind ypu those same peopl;e won't go to France (have never been to France) because they don't like the French or it's boring whereas they'll go to Spain becsuase it's full of English and lots of bars and clubs............just like they do at home<br />
France is a lovely countruy to visit, I highly recommend it

I love the different cultures between American's and us British, ive never travelled to the US, but everything seems so laid back whereas in Britain there are so many laws, its pure craziness, i think i need to visit the US and find out for myself first hand is it a country that is portrayed on the movies, or is it also crap like the UK?<br />
I am so into the American military and the weapons of war, i want to visit Nevada, and have a glimpse of Groome lake..i will risk being shot, i am not a spy i am just ever open to knowledge, anybody on this thread or any other thread on EP discusses Groome Lake ( Area 51) nr Rachel, Nevada,,, i love watching clips on youtube about the doubtless military might.

What I loved best about it was living in a flat with 6 english boys who really taught me how to live like a Brit, we talked and talked all the time about the differences between our cultures and I learned so much from them and helped change their view on Americans. They will always be some of the best friends I ever had!

That sounds like such an awesome experience... what did you like best about it?