Loved Living In London

My first visit was in 1989 to a training course. I walked all over, took the tube, and really enjoyed Hyde Park. I never thought of going back really...

In 1997 I was offered a job in London. By September I was there. In Oct 97 I contracted a flat in a mews in W1. I walked to work everyday.

I ended up moving to a Mansion flat in W1 near Baker Street in 2001. I still walked to work daily. It was a great time. Ended up leaving May 2003 and still miss it.

46-50, M
2 Responses Jun 18, 2007

Food in London can be interesting and fun, it depends on what you want really...There are several "types" of eateries in London (I don't include fast food places):<br />
1) The tourist pub - serves average fare supposedly typical British my experience is that these are so-so<br />
To have a good pub meal you need to go north of Hamstead Heath or south of Woolich. I did have the opportunity to eat in many small villages which was a great experience (Sunday lunch being the best) Otherwise most pubs in London are like fast food...<br />
2) What Americans call "Ethnic" food Indian, German, Swiss, Bangaladeshi, Afghan, Hungarian, Swedish, Danish....<br />
on Indian restaurants - remember that all Indian restaurants come from different heritage north India, Southern India, coastal me all were good. I liked a special Swiss restaurant south of Oxford street not far from Tottenham court I think<br />
I liked the Japanese noodle bar called Wagamammas' on Orchard st. There was a really neat Swedish restaurant in W1 also <br />
There were a couple south american and Mexican food restaurants - not to my liking<br />
3) esoteric restaurants - Vegan and new trendy ones...I thought they were good for a laugh, but not satisfying to me.

I have never met someone who protested the beauty of the city, but everyone always complained about the food. What was your dining experience like?