A Great Vacation Spot

I just got back from there, in fact.  I had been to London once when I was a little girl, so it was nice to go back and see it through adult eyes.  There is so much to do and see, I wish I could have stayed longer.

Most of us Americans know better than to try to drive there, but I had serious problems crossing streets.  Like Paris, the streets are full to brimming with traffic, but unlike Paris, when you cross a street you have to look the opposite direction.  D'oh!  My UK friend spent all his time snatching me from the jaws of certain death as I blithely stepped off curb after curb into oncoming traffic.  

I also decided that the cabs never stop.  They just seem to drive round and round London with the same passengers all day, never letting them off and never picking up new ones.  I'm being facetious, but it's true that you never see cabs stopping traffic there like other major cities.  Finally, the last day of my trip, I saw a cab stand at the train station.  It was a revelation!

The tube is the best subway system I have ever seen.  Clean, safe, logical, and there are stops everywhere.  Unlike New York, you don't seem to have to wait long for trains.  If I lived in London, I would take it everywhere.  

Most of all, we Yanks seldom get to see buildings more than a few hundred years old.  I was awed by the sense of history, to be in the presence of architectural treasures and ageless traditions.  We sat in the Quire at Westminster Abbey for Evensong!  I can only imagine the corseted ladies, the wigged and stockinged gentlemen who sat there before us and wonder if they ever imagined the modern city that London has become.  




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Thanks for stopping by! I'm like you -- I've been all over Europe as a child, so I'm trying to hit one place at a time to explore as an adult. I've never been to Africa, though, or south of the Equator, so that might be my next expedition!

This makes me want to visit SO MUCH. I know many who have been to London. <br />
<br />
Madrid is beautiful, as well. I've been to Madrid and Paris only, and I was in high school at the time so didn't truly appreciate the opportunity that was given to me by my parents at that time.<br />
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I want to return to Europe and visit Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and either start or end the tour in London. My beau wants to do the Alaska cruise run before Europe, however, and we're still negotiating!