Not For Me, But...

My only exposure to Long Beach has been for work, being sent to Wilmington... Not good times...
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written by R.E.M.

The Long Beach Peninsula,
Is the longest beach in the world.
The Pacific Ocean is on the west,
Willapa Bay, is on the other side.
My hubby wanted to take a stroll around the northern tip,
as part of our 25th Anniversary trip.
I finally realized my hubby was a troll.
He claimed it would lead us to the parking lot.
What a joke !
Deep trenches, stick out like fingers,
He dared me to jump one trench, and I did.
It was a wonder I didn't get stuck in the muck.

With a can of pop in hand,
and Jolly Ranchers candy in my pocket,
we headed back across the dunes.
He carried nothing but a piece of rope in his hand.
"What's that for?"
" If you quit on me, you will see"
"I think you better remember who has the candy."
Eight hours after we started,
we arrived after dark, no parking lot in sight.
Someone was coming through the bushes,
we finally knew the way.
Adventures are a part of life,
but don't ever get that crazy idea.

I'm sorry you had bad experiences in your time there. Long Beach is a beautiful place, filled with some of the most wonderful people in the US. <br />
<br />
Every year of my life, since the age of 3, I've went to Long Beach (Oak Island) on vacation. :) My step-siblings, my family and I always said that we'd love to live there...and felt sure that I would move there some day. My step-brother moved his family to Wilmington a couple of years ago, as a matter of fact. To see you mention those places here...well, it kinda' threw me for a loop. :)