Long Beach, Nc

Although the original post was regarding Long Beach, California, I decided to go ahead and join the group.  From the age of 3, I have went with my family on vacation every Summer to Long Beach (now Oak Island), North Carolina.  My fondest memories include that area.  It's always been my home away from home...the place where, if my heart and soul had a chosen resting place, that would be it.

When I was 15 years old, I got my first kiss under a deck of a beach house on the island.  My first "fancy dinner date" occurred there.  The first time I'd ever experienced a hurricane, it happened while we were vacationing there.  My first mature conversation with my Dad took place there, as well.  There are so many experiences that I've had at Long Beach, that I couldn't possibly begin to name them all.

Every year, I patiently await the time for vacation to roll around.  That one week spent at Long Beach washes away all of the stress, anxiety and bullsh*t from the rest of the year.  There, I find inner peace...and this is why I love Long Beach.
RaraAvis RaraAvis
31-35, F
May 10, 2007