Long Beach, CaLifornia

I love Long Beach, CaLifornia.   The weather is great and the people are REAL.  The city is SO big, almost 1/2 million people, sometimes I think it should be it's own county (It's the most Southern part of Los Angeles County and just north of Orange County).

When I live somewhere (like Oahu, Hawaii), I immerse myself in the local culture and music scene (Did YOU know that Long Beach was "Tinseltown" before Hollywood was?).  In Hawaii I took Haw'n Language and a few Environmental classes (the tap water tested just as good as bottled water!). 

When I moved to Long Beach, I started a website called ThePrimeSpot.com  "It's not a business, it's a Pleasure!"  I compliment the website with an eNewsletter (see LBweekly.com) where I will share this site, ExperienceProject.com  I might even mention it on my radio show!

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1 Response Jan 4, 2007

Your story really inspires me. I don't know much about Long Beach. I was born there but I was 5 yrs old when my family moved and I haven't made it back since. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio which is also a beautiful city and has ever changing weather.