As long as I'm not the one...

As long as I'm not the one driving.  I love to look at the scenery. I'm similar to "Driving Miss Daisy",  except with a camera.  I love when someone wants to take a ride with me because I see so many beautiful things to take pictures of. I love trees with Spanish moss hanging off them, and birds wandering around in flowering fields, horses kicking up their heels, and people milling around. All of this and more I capture with my camera.  I couldn't do as much if I were driving now could I?
sweetd sweetd
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1 Response Jul 14, 2007

It is indeed very difficult to take photos whilst driving! (Errr, not that I have done it more than once or twice) I'm sure that it helps to have a compliant driver... some of us are just far too busy zooming about to let passengers take photos ;) But I agree, there's something very enjoyable about being a passenger on a long drive. Just watching the traveling itself, as well as all the things that you see. Lovely stuff.