384 Miles Each Way

When I was in college I started dating a girl I met over a summer who lived 384 miles away from me. That's 6 1/2 hours, two tanks of gas ($40 at the time), and $12.50 in tolls -- each way. I would drive up at least once every two weeks for the weekend. Each drive I would play the same mix on my iPod. I would spend the hours singing and thinking to myself. It's really great to spend some time alone, singing your brains out and thinking about anything and everything without a care in the world. The highway can do that to you. Now, whenever any of those songs comes on in my iTunes or iPod or radio, I can't help but flash back to those times driving down the road. Although I enjoy not having that distance between us anymore, I miss those drives in a strange nostalgic sort of way.
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2007

Sweet - I love this story. I wish you could've written more. It made me feel warm and nostalgic.

Ah I do the same thing with songs and flashbacks. Especially lately. I spent months driving around California and Nevada with the boy that I love. Now every song we sang together reminds me of him and that time.