I Miss It

As a retired truck driver, long drives are what i'm used to. Most people think it would get boring after a while, but not to me. My favorite time to drive is at night. Roll the windows down and just listen to the sound of the wheel rolling down the highway. Just listen to the sounds of the night.

On sundays, I love to go for drives with my family. My husband and I will load the kids up in the car and drive all over the country. We take as many gravel roads as possible. We play games with the kids, like what animals can we find and how many. We also like to stop at old cemetaries. We have found several old civil war cemetaries in the area that are all but forgotten. Most times, we'll pack a picnic lunch. Just a long drive to bond with our family. It puts all of us in a great mood.

silvertears silvertears
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2007

Joplin is one of my main stops. As I had to come out of retirement, I now stop there often again.

My spouse was a driver too, i loved going with. I do alot of driving still,just not in a truck.