There something about long drives.

Especially if you are the one who is driving. The various towns that you pass through, the speciality cuisines of each town, the serenity around you while you drive on long roads especially when you dove on empty roads. The feeling just cannot be described in words.

The max I have done in a single day so far is just 500miles ( approx 800 km). Yes it was tiring at the end of the day and the bed under my tired back just felt as awesome as my car seat. I still cherish that drive where I also almost got myself killed but these things can happen on roads and they do not deter me from enjoying my driving ...

How much I miss having my car in this new city / country ... I hope one day I will be able to enjoy similar rides in this new place..
uselessguy uselessguy
36-40, M
Aug 21, 2014