Sensitive Nipples

As I have gotten older and more experienced more use by men I have learnt that having sensitive nipples is good. Mine are fairly thick and are very sensitive and are erect most of the time. I have been told by many that they should be stretched longer and they would then resemble cow teats and as I have been told my **** resemble cow udders I understand what has been meant. In use I have had weights placed on them and also suction an odd couple of times all of which has been very pleasant. I recently was informed that it is possible to tie them with string circling them making them stretch out longer and the more that this happens apparently maybe sometimes with weights will increase the ability to stretch them. I would like to be able to get assistance to do this as its not easy on my own and then hopefully they would be somewhat longer.
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OH MY GOD how i would LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE to help you with this, stretching your udders and nipples. i LOVE long breasts and HUGE long nipples, my god i want to find you

I would love to suck on them for you For a nice long time.

well they definitely need lots of use sir

i want to have long nipples also. i just personally just wet my boobies and just start to pull them lol i know not a perfect thing but it feels so good and i just pull and pull and there getting long . i do this everyday. good luck and keep sharing all your stories i love them

i find making my wet means they slip

mine usually leak and they definitely slip then and in any case i think they are for use by others

I know what you mean. It better and feels better if its a wet mouth instead sucking that boob good.

oh god yes one of their uses and so much better when others use them i thoroughly enjoy them being used as demanded

Wow, what an invitation. I bet you have found someone to help you.

no i havent men are most timid - i only meet 2+ ***** at a time for use too

I am surprised, just seen your photo. **** to be very proud of.

Awesome desire Ukmat, You do have lovely **** and big fat nipples are so exciting to me. I hope you get some help doing this right away!


so do i

You looks from the smaller size nipple , no problem just some exercises will be strong enough and i try some of them and get a better reaction , you may need some one to help you.

Sucking and soft squeeze regularly make it bigger , please remember not the whole breast as it will increase the size of the breast too just the dark area and make it as rounds , try to stretch it softly as long as you can twice a day when you take off your bra , which is very important for breast health .

Try and inform me

I would love to help, but I would also like to view the process and get hard

Go for it. those pretty nipps are so suckable

thank you

I would love to help in any way I can. Wish I was closer, as long, fat udders are such a nice thing to milk and suckle

I think they're perfect now! :)

Wow, I love your dedication to your nipples. Sensitive nipples are a blessing..I have them, and enjoy ladies that have them. Do you have breast *******?...BTW had a past love that like putting weights on her with a large bra can still see her nipples trying to get out....:) Good luck..with getting them longer!! sounds like a great goal..

thank you so much it would be good to have other help in stretching them longer. I rarely wear a bra as I was told a long time ago guys needs to know that they are for use and being free helps them know it.

This is so true.

I think that is an attitude in you, that I really really admire..Indeed love the idea of you letting them be free...what a sensual and erotic statement!!

never was topless until 48 partner didnt like stuff but since i am single wow do it lots

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need a suckler?

need several would be good to have a few in a room who i go to say once a week for use yummy

I\'m sure something can be oganised.

really is that possible?

mmmm i'd love to try and get them as long as possible with my mouth alone ....ha ha i suck ,,,that's all i do ;)


yes would definitely like them longer

do you want to share my wife **** 38c

Im not sure what you mean as a word is asterisked out?

I love big thick nipples that completely fill up my mouth. I like to rub them against my lip and nose before plunging them into my mouth, rubbing against the roof of my mouth and my cheeks/tongue :)

i love mine used in all ways

mmm, love to kiss, suck and caress your beautiful breasts, xx

t u


glad u do