I think they add to the beauty of a women. I love playing with hair too, so perhaps that is why, but long hair absolutely are love able. :)

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Was jut pointing out my pointyness! :P<br />
<br />
Mumb! :|

Hehe well and this is me being pointy :P<br />
<br />

I said most of the times dint i? :P<br />
<br />
<br />
Mumb :|

Yep. Hate most of the time breeds from aftermath of love only.<br />
<br />
*i'm mumb* :P

even if they hate me do i look like i bother? or for a fact you can say these days do i even have the time to bother? lol<br />
<br />

Lol nah a lot of people here dont like me and thats actually true not just making it up.<br />
<br />
*i'll stay quiet on this one* ;P

Hehe and incidentally you are a brunette too! lol

I have long hair.. so youre lucky to know that the world ruler has long hair!Mwhahaha!

Haha well people feel intruded sometimes i am sure lol.

Hehe you think we bother about what others might think? ;P

Hehe actually it can be a 3rd persons story too. The thing is that me and her we always hijack threads and throw **** around lol.

Hehe I dont remember on which story it was maybe on one of hers but I am sure we had estb this one lol.

Haha this remind me that me and brwn estb on some other story that I have a long hair fetish lol.

It is!! It is!!!

I agree completely, I love girl's with long hair. It's quite stunning

Thank you! :)

this is a good thing floyd!