Long hair on a woman, especially long straight hair, is so sexy.  Nothing wrong with curls at all but for some reason a woman is twice as hot if she has hair down to her butt.
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hey girls dont cut your hair. it is feminine and sexy

Sounds very pretty Elle Meza...Actually I do like short hair on a select few women. Some women pull it off nicely and look totally hot and sexy. I just think that most women look better with long hair, but not all.


oh sorry meggers. so how long is his hair?

why do so many guys hate haircuts. personally, i don't like them that much because i like my hair at a longer length, but i can't stand split ends and i just usually get a trim. i hate super short hair. if girls have really short hair they should just be men. long hair is pretty.

ROFLMAO....that's good stuff there slutslider...yeah my hair looks it's best if it's kinda long but not too long....I hate haircuts though so I would usually just let it get long then cut it all off and start the cycle over again.

oh. yeah i like guys with short hair better anyhow. if guys let it grow too long they might as well grow boobs and have a vagina. (or at least in my opinion). but guys with curls are cute if it's not too long.

Thanks :-), yeah that's me....I've let it grow long a lot of times in my life. Probably 7 or 8 times. But I don't like the curling effect so I didn't let it get too far past my shoulders.

wow. so is that your picture? if so you have a very cute haircut. so what's the longest you let it grow out?

My hair is kinda that way too. It's pretty straight but when I've let it grow out it gets wavy in the back.

my hair is pretty long. and it's straight, most of the time. it has a few natural waves in it though.

Looking back to my story, hair down to the @ss was a little of a stretch. Even halfway down the back is nice and long...thanks for your comments pretty ladies :-)

Me too girls, my hair was soooo long, I had to lean forward on the loo to stop it going in the pan, then my mum got fed up having to spend so long washing, drying and brushing it that she made me have it all cut off, I looked like a boy!!! I cried all the way home from the hairdressers. It's not too far off my (_,_) now though =]

Well down to the butt was maybe an overstatement...I'm just generally a sucker for long straight hair...it has that innocent look to it for some reason....now I sound like a dirty old man LOL